No soil, no tractors, no harmful pesticides.

The future of food starts with near zero-impact farming.

Using 95% less water than traditional growing methods, aquaponics uses recycled water over and over again. There is little evaporation, and the only water that is used is what the plants take in. Growing 30-50% faster because of its controlled environment, aquaponic farming can continually grow crops 365 days a year. Being able to produce both fish and vegetables, we enable one continual growing cycle.

Put all of these together, and you get an all-natural growing system that can produce up to 20 times the produce production per square foot (plus fish) than soil, with a fraction of the cost and space used in traditional farming methods.

No soil, no tractors, no harmful pesticides, no fertilizer, and minimally invasive to the land.


Clean, natural, sustainable – zero impact farming!