Aquaponics on the rise

It’s all the buzz… aquaponic grown vegetables are an important part of urban food production.  You see aquaponic systems popping up on rooftops, in abandoned lots, on walls and within buildings across the country.

The whole process of using fish waste to produce a food source for plants, and then the plants providing a natural filter for the fish is nothing short of amazing.  “Fish Farming” is what they are calling it, but it is aquaponics at work.

Aquaponics is still in its infant stages but steadily growing. The economic impact it is making include; elimination of fertilizer, reduction of energy costs used in transportation, and minimal water use.

Experts are calling it the most sensible food system available, as multiple crops are grown in a continuous cycle.  The climate-controlled environment produces lest pests and diseases and is being cited as healthier food for humans.

Want to see what it’s all about?

We invite you to visit our farm in Green Cove Springs, Florida and take home local farm fresh vegetables today.